LunchBox Brings Customers Into Your Door

When you launch a restaurant, you wish people would just walk in. In reality, this can take months. LunchBox brings customers through your door so you can focus on making good food.

icon Choose 3 Meals
icon Reach Customers On The Go
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Choose Bestsellers and Customers Favourites!

  • You'll start off with 3 meals listed in the app. Picking meals customers will love is the way tp start.

  • If you are performing well, you will get the opportunity to add 1, 2, or 3 meals.

“I listed my Chicken Shawarma Trio, and it just keeps selling! I'm now generating 15% of transactions from the 3 meals on LunchBox.”
Mireille, Owner, Shawarma MTL

Students Can Order Your Food While Sitting In Class!

  • Students are impatient. They're already thinking of what to eat while in class. Make your menu available to them on the go by listing your meals on LunchBox.

  • Students want to eat and get back to their days. When the food is prepared in advance, they save time and come back more often.

“I love being able to pick up my food and go! I'm less likely to bring my lunch to school than I used to be.”
Alexa Hanna, Student, Concordia

Keep Your Ratings High To Increase Visibility

  • Students will rate your dishes out of 5 stars after each meal. Not only will this give you valuable feedback, but also an opportunity. If your meals are among the top-rated, they will appear higher in the app, driving you more orders.

  • The key to high ratings is speed, quality, and friendly service. The things you already do best.

“We spent the first few weeks making sure every experience was a 5/5 and it really paid off! Now we're always near the top of the app.”
Moussa Madi, Owner, Poulet Rouge

How LunchBox Works

Getting started with LunchBox is simple. One of our representatives will walk you through the steps to list your restaurant on the app in no time.

Choose 3 Meals

List your meals on the app for students to order.

Install Our Tablet

We will create an account for your restaurant and bring a tablet right to you.

Make Delicious Food

Begin accepting orders and prepare your amazing meals for customers!

Take Off with LunchBox Today

Start attracting new customers from their phones. If your restaurant can handle more volume, get started today.

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Reach thousands of students all around your restaurant, and become known on campus.

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